How well do you know Montuïri? With about 40 km2 and a little more than three thousand inhabitants, a village of farmers and ramaders until the 1960s, today it is mainly dedicated to services.

But its tradition tells us that it was founded in 1300, by Jaume II. Its church was built 200 years later, dedicated to Sant Bartomeu, renovated in the XVIII century.
Famous for its Cossiers dances on August 24. And no less famous is the Talayotic settlement of Son Fornés, dating back more than 3,000 years.

Son Fornés is a BIC and was excavated in 1975 (the day before yesterday, as you can see). It has the largest talayot in Mallorca, with 17 meters in diameter.

And you know: Montuïri used to be a passing village, now it is a great village.

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